Isaac Pino CPA

Isaac has worked in the financial services industry for fifteen years. In this time, he’s served clients ranging from individuals to family investment offices to operating companies. Isaac recognizes that every client - no matter the size or sophistication - can benefit from clarity, transparency, and an advisor who will improve their financial IQ

Isaac spent his early career as a forensic CPA at Deloitte, a public accounting firm. After a handful of years, he switched gears and dove headfirst into the investment industry at The Motley Fool. 

For avid stock-pickers, The Motley Fool headquarters is like a visit to Wimbledon for tennis fans, except the dress code is much different (less whites, more t-shirts and flip flops). The enthusiasm for investing is palpable inside the company's walls; the reverence for investing greats like Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger is almost cult-like. 

At The Motley Fool, Isaac led a research team that covered roughly 40% of the S&P 500 companies. He published over 1,000 investing articles on and appeared as an industry expert on outlets including CNBC, Fox Business, and Nightly Business Report. 

Ultimately, Isaac knew he wanted to work directly with people to manage their investments. This desire led him to run a family investment office and ultimately to his position today as a respected investment advisor. 

Isaac received his Bachelors and Masters of Accountancy from the University of Oklahoma. He is an avid Sooner football fan and a licensed CPA. He lives with his wife, Rawson, in Asheville, NC where they are ardent supporters of the UNCA Bulldogs basketball team. He coaches youth basketball at Asheville Catholic School. He, Rawson, and his two kids spend the rest of their free time playing tennis, pickleball, basketball, volleyball, and other sports that involve chasing, swatting, or swooshing a ball.